With the global Halal food and beverages market now worth ca. USD 1.4 trillion annually, SGS has introduced its new Halal Awareness Training course, developed in association with the Halal Authority Board (HAB), to help the industry understand the importance of complying with Halal requirements.

This one-day program has been designed to help companies that produce, store, transport and supply halal products, understand the Halal market and its importance to their company.

Halal now accounts for 16% of the entire global food industry; the World Halal Forum recently estimated that the global food and beverage market is now worth ca. USD 1.4 trillion annually.1

The Halal market is not just restricted to food, although this is the most significant and well-known product group. The market also incorporates pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, miscellaneous such as fashion, travel and media as well ancillary items such as toothpastes and packaging. 

With the world’s Muslim population of 1.8 billion expected to double by 2060, matched to an increase in disposable income, Halal is now a sector of the global market industry can no longer afford to ignore.

For businesses wishing to enter the global Halal market, it is not always easy. It is estimated that there are around 300 halal certification bodies in about 48 countries around the world.2 These include: local government departments in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines; non-profit organizations; private for-profit businesses and private individuals while there have been reported cases of self-certification. With such a range of certifying bodies represented globally, it is easy for consumer trust to be undermined.

Currently there is no single globally recognized standard for Halal and this can be a concern for businesses keen to provide compliant Halal to the global market. The SGS Halal Awareness Training program is designed to help delegates gain a comprehensive understanding of Halal standards and the market, and include the following topics:

  • The Halal market
  • Principles of Halal & Haram
  • Generic Halal standards
  • Halal compliance requirements
  • Ensuring your site is Halal compliant; best practices and common failures
  • Halal certification and auditing

The course includes real life examples and can be tailored for in-house training against the client’s specific business requirements to maximize effectiveness and team learning.

At a time when the demand for Halal products in on the rise, it is important that companies consider their options with regard to Halal compliance. Part of the SGS Academy training course portfolio, the SGS Halal Awareness Training includes a combination of theory and practical tips to facilitate compliance. Based on SGS’s unrivalled understanding of global standards, auditing and problem solving expertise, the course is designed to provide expert advice to companies hoping to capitalize on this growing market.

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1 Recent Facts on the Global Halal Market and the Role of Halal Certification
2 Call to unify halal standards in the UAE