Food safety covers a broad range of subjects. In this issue of Hot Source we look at a range of topics all falling within this business critical category.

Improvements in the testing, identification and understanding of substances mean the industry’s understanding of contaminants, their safe levels and potential for harm is growing all the time. We explore a selection of emerging contaminants.

Outbreaks of food-borne disease are surprisingly common, causing illness, hospitalization and even death. We look at the barriers and drivers to improving food safety in the hospitality sector.

Incorrect labeling accounts for some 40% of product rejections in the US and Europe. The US FDA is introducing a new nutrition facts panel for all packaged foods, our experts look at the new regulations in detail. On a similar theme to product rejections, we also explore the US FDA’s findings on food import refusals.

To help companies that produce, store, transport and supply Halal products, understand the Halal market and its importance to their company, SGS has introduced a new Halal awareness training course, developed in association with the Halal Authority Board.

Leading the field in animal welfare, SGS has launched its Responsible Animal Welfare and Identity Preservation Standard for Rabbit Meat, Fur, Skins and Hair, to ensure, manufacturers, retailers and consumers are informed about the conditions in which they were produced.

In the dairy sector, SGS’s new white paper ‘Understanding Safety, Quality and Supply Chain Best Practice in the Dairy Industry’ introduces readers to the complex issues and risks, and provides in-depth commentary to help you better understand the most important topics requiring monitoring and testing.

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