The development of genetically modified (GM) crops requires constant observation to ensure safety.

During the early period of development, there is a requirement to assess the molecular characteristics, expression and safety of newly introduced proteins. SGS can provide companies with a turnkey service for the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) characterization of the proteins expressed by GM crops and by GM micro-organisms.

To ensure the safety of new proteins, samples must undergo equivalence testing. However, the amounts of protein generated by crops during biotech trials, can be very limited. Laboratories must create enough protein, using micro-organisms, in order to run toxicological tests. Protein characterization forms part of the toxicological safety requirements for GM crop development.

Typically, equivalence testing of new proteins requires a two-step approach. Firstly, samples undergo a process of characterization, either by: LC-MS peptide mapping; N-terminal sequencing; or by using a Mass Spectrometry based method. Following this, a sufficient quantity of the target protein, at the required level of purity, should be available to undergo analysis in step two. Even though the amount of material available for testing may be very limited, SGS has the experience necessary to get accurate test results from your samples.

SGS’s turnkey protein characterization services are recognized within the industry for delivering accurate results to agreed schedules. SGS often delivers services as part of a multisite study, with SGS providing the analytical phase plan. This combination of flexibility, expertise, accuracy and reliability, make working with SGS an important ingredient for any company undertaking GM seed development.

SGS operates a network of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facilities in Europe, the US and Brazil, and has over 30-years of experience in protein characterization. Plus, for the last eight years, SGS has provided a dedicated protein characterization service to the seed breeding industry. SGS’s scientists are at the forefront of protein characterization and analysis, and can provide Study Directorship/Principle Investigator services, as well as Quality Assurance coverage for all phases of the GLP protein characterization study.

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