When a company is looking for a laboratory to send its samples to, one of the main criteria they look for is confidentiality.

In Brookings, South Dakota, our laboratory has enhanced its sample disposal procedures to be sure, when it comes to the safe destruction of data, that SGS is going the extra mile.

In 2015, SGS Brookings developed a new sample disposal system to ensure client confidentiality. Following analysis, finished samples are pulverized in a machine known to the local team as, ‘The Beast’. This machine can routinely dispose of 3,000 lbs of material per hour, but has the capacity to deal with 4,500 lbs of material an hour, if required. This includes all materials associated with the sample: bags, tags, labels and the sample itself. In addition, when protocol demands, or when customers request, seeds can be devitalized in an autoclave prior to grinding.

The technicians at Brookings have successfully used ‘The Beast’ to deal with objects as small as a grain of rice, around 5 mm in length. This means companies can rest assured that, when SGS disposes of their samples at the end of testing, they will never allow any sensitive information to leave the laboratory in readable form.

“When a sample comes in our doors, all the product information is safe and confidential. We have to assure the client that everything we have is safe while it is here…and that cannot be compromised,” says Quality Assurance Manager, Billie Riles. “We take great steps to make sure that customers’ products and product information are safe and secure, even once we are done testing and storing the sample. When samples leave our facility they are non-viable with everything including the bag and its identifying labels destroyed beyond recognition.”

People have been trusting SGS to carry out inspections, examinations and certifications, since 1878. That trust is built on a combination of factors, including: professionalism, efficiency, innovation and integrity. Companies know, when they employ the services of SGS, they will receive the very best work our experts can provide and privacy will be maintained.

Companies looking for trustworthy, efficient agricultural sample testing need look no further than SGS’s facility in Brookings, South Dakota. Following rigorous sample analysis by our technicians, your samples and any/all identifying marks, will be fed to ‘The Beast’ to ensure complete confidentiality for you and your company.

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