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On May 2016, ASTM published a new edition standard ASTM F2613-16 for Children's Chairs and Stools. The new standard replaces the current standard (ASTM F2613-14).

The scope of the standard is for chair or stool intended to be used by a single child who can get in and get out of the product unassisted and with a seat height 15 in. or less, with or without a rocking base. The standard does not apply to products used in a commercial setting or to products that do not have a rigid frame such as bean bag chairs or foam chairs. And neither this standard applies to seats with restraint systems.

ASTM F2613-16 defines:

  • “A children’s chair is a seating furniture with a rigid frame that is intended to be used as a support for the body, limbs, or feet of a child when sitting or resting in an upright or reclining position.”

  • “A children’s stool is a children’s chair without back or armrests.”

The new standard includes following changes:

  • Added the definition for chairs with side containment.

  • Revised the definition for rigid frame.

  • Changed the requirement and test method of stability test.

  • Added sideway stability for chairs with side containment.

  • Added rational of stability test method and test equipment.

Details for the above changes can be found at the URL below for your reference:

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