SGS Introduces New Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Capabilities for Protein Characterization and Biopharmaceutical Development

SGS announced that it will further expand its higher order structure analysis services for proteins at its West Chester, PA facility with an investment in Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) capabilities. This new service, which is currently undergoing installation, will complement the existing competencies within SGS's global network of laboratories to support clients in the full characterization of biological molecules, including biosimilars. SGS will be one of the first service providers to offer HDX-MS in a cGMP environment.

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SGS Introduces New Comprehensive Drug Compatibility Study Testing at Expanded Shanghai Facility

SGS announced that it has introduced comprehensive drug compatibility study testing at its Shanghai laboratory in China. This new service, for the analysis of potential extractable and leachable contamination within pharmaceutical products, harmonizes services offered in this field across SGS’s global network of laboratories.

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