The northern hemisphere’s summer season is upon us, and harvesting will begin soon. Rain and warmer weather means we should be alert to the risks posed by mycotoxins.

For the third year, we continue our mycotoxins monitoring program and plan significant improvements with the introduction of a Disease Index, a forecasting model that monitors weather patterns conducive to the growth of fungal diseases. The Index will provide additional risk assessment and help us to focus our monitoring on the regions potentially most affected. 

SGS continues to innovate and develop new services, our processing plant monitoring is helping clients in many countries to improve processing productivity, increase output, minimize waste and reduce operating costs. 

In this issue we catch up with the market and growing conditions in the Danube region, introduce our non-GMO and No GE standards, announce the launch of quality maps services for Germany and celebrate approval of our laboratory in Medan, Indonesia as an analyst member of Gafta. 

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