SGS has extended its GLP accreditation in Brazil and can now offer compliant residue testing as well as field services.

SGS began investment at the Piracicaba site in 2015, with the creation of a new 1,600 m² laboratory building. Part of the building has been operational as a seed quarantine facility since January 2016, and a GLP residue laboratory dedicated to sample homogenization, extraction and residue analysis (plant, soil and water matrices) will occupy the other wing of the laboratory. In the interim period, SGS has been accredited to provide GLP testing to companies working on the development of new pesticides and GM crops. 

The certification, issued by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) on March 28, 2016, includes accreditation that allows SGS to deliver field services and testing including GM non-target organisms and residue analysis. 

GLP accreditation is a pre-requisite to providing these services and so the upgraded laboratory is fully equipped with the technology and analytical techniques needed to run pesticide residue analysis using LC-MS/MS (API5500). The new facility has received approval and the extension to its services has been included on the new GLP certificate.

The certification of this new facility represents an important milestone in the extension of SGS’s GLP services for product development in Brazil.

Companies looking for the latest in agronomical and residue testing will find SGS provides the most up-to-date facilities on offer. The new laboratory will also soon extend its range of GLP testing services to include protein expression analysis. 

To work in the new facility, SGS has recruited a team of experts with more than 20 years’ experience in GLP and GLP residue analysis. The laboratory has been designed to allow further growth as the demand for GLP residue analysis increases, with the laboratory able to accommodate up to 20 specialists dedicated to GLP residue and protein expression analysis. 

With demand for GLP residue analysis predicted to be strong, SGS is advising clients to book early for the 2016 growing season.

Contract Research Services

SGS remains the clear market leader in field trials in Brazil, with 8 stations and more than 100 field specialists working in: agronomical development; dietary and environmental safety; marketing/demonstration trials; and GM crop biosafety/equivalence studies.

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