We are optimizing our approach to integrated solid waste management by using revenues from the recycling and reuse of non-hazardous waste to support social projects in Peru.

Waste Cardboard and Plastic

Through our partnership with the Associación de Ayuda al Niño Quemado (ANIQUEM), we are helping to fund treatment for young burn victims. We donate waste cardboard and plastic via the charity’s "Recycling to Help" program. Through the "Recycle Caps, Collect Smiles"’ program, we donate plastic bottle caps, which are then processed and sold to fund vital support services for low income burn patients and their families.

In 2015, we donated more than one tonne of waste plastic from bottle caps. This enabled ANIQUEM to purchase a wheelchair for use by burn victims.

Waste Paper

In July 2015, we launched a paper recycling project with long term partner FUNDADES, which supports projects aimed at helping low income children with disabilities. Income from recycled paper will contribute to the renovation of a training room in Barranco, which is used by a number of charities that work with disabled people. The training room is expected to be completed in April 2016.

We donated a total of seven tonnes of paper and cardboard in 2015, benefiting both ANIQUEM and FUNDADES.

Waste Glass

We have supported the "Recycle Glass, Help a Child – REVIAN" project since 2013. Building on the success of this project, we are currently supporting the charity United Way Peru through the campaign. United Way Peru helps young children living in extreme poverty in the southern area of Lima. It provides educational projects, which use cognitive, social and emotional development techniques, for children up to seven years old.

Almost 14 tonnes of glass from our laboratories was donated to United Way Peru in 2015.

Waste Polyethylene Water Containers

We are also focusing its efforts on recycling water cooler containers. We donated 108 polyethylene containers to the NGO Emaús (Emaus Madre Teresa de Calcutta) in 2015. This benefited 12 low income children, who received breakfast meals at the "Tres Marias" soup kitchen in Villa Maria del Triunfo.