The transportation industry is moving rapidly towards a multimodal system of automotive, rail, marine and aerospace & aviation services.

As a result, this is challenging the conventional business models of suppliers and providers. Furthermore, to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability, every aspect of the industry – from component manufacturing to the transport supply chain – is subject to a wide range of stringent regulations, standards and legislation.

To help you meet the changing demands of transportation, at SGS, we provide a comprehensive range of specialized services to help any organization involved in the industry to ensure that their operations run safely and efficiently.


As a world-leading provider of automotive services, we help original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), dealers, financial institutions and governments to:

  • Reduce costs and delivery lead times
  • Improve build quality and efficiency
  • Manage the automotive supply chain
  • Confirm the safety and reliability of vehicles
  • Improve aftermarket and distribution operations
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce the environmental impact of road traffic


To help rail operators, infrastructure managers, financiers and suppliers meet safety, regulatory and logistical requirements, we offer a range of services to support operations at every level of the supply chain. Our rail services can help rail operators and suppliers to:

  • Acquire the certification to supply rolling stock and associated components
  • Gain independent second-line checks of rolling stock or components and assessment of safety-critical products and processes
  • Ensure the quality, performance and robustness of railway materials, components and systems
  • Improve train reliability and availability
  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize the utilization of depot staff and facilities
  • Meet mandatory, voluntary or contractual requirements
  • Acquire specific railway related approvals, including the Rail Industry Supplier Accreditation Scheme (RISAS) and the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)


We offer a range of marine services, supporting crucial plant and terminal operations to:

  • Improve import and export strategies
  • Ensure smoother operations
  • Support regulatory compliance through assessments, offering a unique global network of laboratories , sampling and testing services, reports and certificates
  • Manage cargo information
  • Ensure marine operations run to best practice standards and that cargo is handled correctly
  • Perform conventional and advanced NDT inspections
  • Guarantee a safe and reliable operation for leak detection and integrity evaluation of the material

Aerospace & Aviation

We provide specialized aerospace & aviation advisory services to help businesses run safely, on time and on budget. Our services can help businesses to:

  • Demonstrate a verifiable commitment to quality and safety
  • Strengthen customer confidence
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Understand and manage the risks of complex value chains
  • Gain fast, accurate testing for the aerospace supply chain
  • Comply with national and international regulations, industry specifications and client requirements

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