Client visit in Brazi

Opened in December, SGS’s new seed quarantine facility in Brazil has given clients a rare opportunity to visit such a center.

Visitors have met our team of experts, toured the state-of-the-art laboratories and learnt about the risks posed to Brazil’s flora and fauna from the pests that can be unintentionally introduced via seed imports.

Working closely with the Brazilian authorities, our facility – the first private independent quarantine service in the country – provides independent and accurate phytosanitary analysis of seeds imported by breeding companies.

For further information, please contact:

Marcos de Ferran
Contract Research Manager
SGS Labmat Ltda.
Rua João Leonardo Fustaíno, 201 - Prédio 01
Distrito Industrial Uninorte
Piracicaba – SP, CEP 13413-102
t: + 55 (19) 9 9370 5586