TOPtoTOP, the global climate expedition sponsored by SGS, had a busy and successful 2015. The year has been spent raising awareness of the impacts of climate change and engaging people by traveling the world using only Nature’s Power, human power and the forces of nature. TOPtoTOP is setting an example of what can be achieved in harmony with the environment and inspiring students and school children they meet along the way.

This year the expedition set a record by traveling from the top of Mount Denali, the highest mountain in North America and the world's coldest mountain, to Badwater Basin in Death Valley, the continent's deepest and warmest point. Traveling on foot, by bicycle and by sailing ship, the team passed through almost all climate zones.  Highlights included appearances at Google and NASA headquarters.

In San Francisco, the expedition ship was berthed next to the San Francisco Bay Aquarium, where it served as a major attraction. From there the expedition began a roadshow to schools in the western states, via e-bike. In five months, the expedition cycled 9,385 kilometers and visited more than 6,000 students. A cleanup of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states, was a highlight of the roadshow. The expedition then spent time visiting schools and lecturing in California.

The expedition continued systematically recoding whales for Whale Camp in PWS and gathering statistics on maritime debris for the International Pacific Research Center.

 About TOPtoTOP

The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition is the first expedition to cross the seven seas and climb the continents' seven highest summits using only human power and the forces of nature. Its mission is to inspire children for a better future. Along the expedition, it will share examples of nature’s beauty and innovations for a green planet, in classrooms all over the world. The expedition aims to demonstrate that great goals and progress can be achieved in balance with nature.