SAFEGUARDS | Hardgoods NO. 218/15

New French standards for deckchair have been published and will supersede the existing French standard no later than December 2015. NF D 61 062:2004 will be replaced by NF D 61 062:2015.

The main changes are the following:

  • The scope of the standard now applies to children’s deckchair.
  • Test methods refer to EN 1728:2012.
  • The lock and unlock test have been revised and is now more strict, it will also have to be performed 3 times on the test order instead of twice in the previous standard.

And the following requirements have been added:

  • Seat impact test
  • If the indicated maximum load is more than 110 kg an additional static load test has to be performed.
  • A maximum force of 250N to lock and unlock the locking device is now necessary
  • Product information

This standard is not applicable until the publication of the notice in the official journal of the French Republic according to the decree NO. 99-777 of the 9th September 1999.

The notice should be published beginning of 2016. Once published, the product conforming to the former version of the standard can be put on the market for 1 year from the notice publication and allow the sale of any existing stock already placed on the market after that period.

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