This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of our service to the public sector. Over the past five decades, we have been proudly providing governments, institutions and NGOs with a variety of solutions for ensuring accountability towards the people and organizations that they serve. This ranges from helping governments to manage their natural resources with full traceability solutions to electronic Single Window operations that accelerate transparent trade, scanning and border management solutions and many other interventions that support the effective execution of policy. We look forward to continuing our work over the next half century – with greater reach and an even larger portfolio of services. With a global team of experts who are passionate about their work, we are well on track to meeting increased demands for the future.

To commemorate this achievement, we are giving something back to the communities that we serve indirectly. We are supporting three different, carefully selected projects that will have a positive and practical impact on future generations:

Camfed: Realizing the Potential of Young Girls and Women in Rural Zambia

Studies on the benefits of increasing female school enrollment rates in rural Africa show that for every additional year of education beyond basic schooling, a woman’s income increases by up to 10 percent, her vulnerability to HIV and AIDS drops significantly, her risk of dying in childbirth falls, and she is more likely to have a smaller, more educated and healthier family. All of this leads to a sustainable cycle of positive change. Camfed helps to empower girls and young women and so realize a vision of a world in which every child is educated, protected, respected and valued, and grows up to play a role in turning the tide on poverty.

We are supporting Camfed's program in Zambia, where there is a great need for girls who previously received assistance in primary school to continue getting help during a vulnerable period between primary and secondary school, and during and after secondary school. We will be supporting a project to enable 300 girls to complete their secondary education. Essential material items will be covered, such as uniforms and stationery, as well as school fees. Camfed-trained government teachers, acting as mentors, will also provide the girls with psychosocial support to encourage them to remain active and aim for success. The girls will join a pan-African alumnae network after graduation.

Friends International: Building Futures for Youth in Jakarta

There are an estimated 500 million marginalized children and youth in the world, and their situation affects us all in terms of public health, public security and social, economic and technological development. Despite the efforts of many different organizations, conditions for these young people continue to worsen. Friends International is helping marginalized young people by taking a new approach – replacing the traditional charity model with one that combines the best practices of NGOs and the business world. This enables it to provide essential services for children and families on the streets and in slum areas.

We are supporting Friends International's outreach program for street children and youth in Jakarta, who face many threats to their well being and development, including abuse, malnutrition, sickness, and lack of access to education and training. A local drop-in center, combined with mobile outreach efforts from Friends International staff and caregivers, provide protection from abuse and raise awareness of hygiene, nutrition, reproductive health, and street safety. Children receive an informal education and assistance, so they can obtain the registration documents they need to attend public schools and obtain vocational training. This enables them to escape the impoverished environments they grew up in.

Présence Madagascar: Helping Children in Madagascar to Leave Poverty Behind

Many children in Madagascar have been abandoned or are living in poverty with their families. They are deprived of a safe environment where they can grow up and receive a basic education. Association Présence Madagascar aims to give these children an alternative to a life of poverty.

It provides children with carefully selected host families, who provide them with a warm, safe nest in which to grow. Children are given individual development plans from an early age. They receive an elementary formal education as well as practical training in activities such as gardening, cattle raising, cooking and sewing. This gives them the skills they will need to sustain themselves as adults, setting up their own businesses or becoming qualified employees.

We are helping Association Présence Madagascar with its work by supporting the construction of a water tower and solar panels that will be used to produce a reliable and cost effective energy supply for an education center in Fanantenana, Madagascar.

Updated: 7 December 2015

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