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2015 has been a year of change, innovation and development; at SGS, we have made changes to better support our clients, and align ourselves with the marketplace. Central to this has been an evolution of our operating structure. We have created a new cohesive Agriculture, Food and Life business, bringing together 13,000 agriculture and food experts to serve the value chain and deliver solutions. From farm to table, our integrated inspection, analytical, audit, certification, training and advisory services, put your needs centre stage.


In this issue, with the Northern Hemisphere completing its 2015 harvest, we look at the global factors influencing the grain and oilseed commodities market.

Ensuring clients and communication are the focus of our business we have launched the SGS Agri Food Address Book app. It gives you easy access to our network, services and capabilities, putting our essential information at your fingertips.

Introducing a more agile and cost-effective approach to storing and shipping liquids and dry goods, read about flexitank solutions, which deliver cheaper, cleaner, more effective transportation, storage and logistics for commodities.

Build on the success of 2015 with SGS.

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