SAFEGUARDS | Hardgoods NO. 170/15

The European standard EN 12150-1:2000 Glass in buildings – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass – Definition and description, has been revised and superseded by EN 12150-1:2015.

The main changes to the revised standard are:

  • Some figures have been revised and some new figures have been added to the standard
  • New terms and definitions have been included in clause 3; Air cushion process – clause 3.6, edge lift – clause 3.9 and roller wave distortion – clause 3.13.
  • Additional nominal thicknesses have been included in Table 1; Nominal thicknesses and thickness tolerances.
  • Sub clause 6.2.3 ‘Tolerances and squareness’ has been completely revised; the squareness of rectangular glass panes is now expressed by the difference between its diagonals.
  • Clause 6 (Dimensions and tolerances) and clause 7 (Edge and\or surface work, holes, notches and cut outs)  have been completely revised; including the air cushion manufacturing process
  • The normative annex ‘Determination of U value’ has been deleted.
  • A new informative annex dealing with an alternative method for the measurement of roller wave distortion has been added.

Conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by March 2016.

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