For more than half a century, SGS has been pioneering rice and inspection services in Asia. Our continuous investment in people, training and technology, enables our extensive team of experts with the valuable skills, experience and knowledge to best serve the international rice industry. Some of our colleagues are highly regarded in the market place. SGS has also developed its services to the supply chain, from farm to table. This helps to ensure safe, sustainable and high-quality products by building trust, reducing risk and maintaining efficiency across diverse supply chains. Our expertise extends from primary production to the point of processing or custody transfer. We assist with legislation compliance, correct storage, shipping, packaging, distribution and inspection at loading and discharge.

To meet the needs of increasing consumer awareness of food safety, and the strengthening of government regulations, SGS has invested in state-of-the-art laboratory testing capacities and capabilities, around the globe. We provide fast and accurate laboratory analyses, as well as solutions to meet all your rice business needs. Ongoing investment means we are a leader in DNA, GMO, mycotoxins, dioxins and authenticity testing for rice and other products. In addition, we have responded to demand for food chain transparency by developing a bespoke tracking system.

Innovative and passionate, our local teams, based across Asia’s rice-growing markets, add value to your products, through sampling, testing, analysis and inspections, as well as fumigation and pest control services. Our added value solutions help our customers to improve quality, reduce risk and to improve efficiency in a very competitive global market place.

TRT World Rice Conference 2015

Members of our team, from across Asia, look forward to meeting you at the TRT World Rice Conference 2015, in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss your specific needs, local market information and to answer any questions. In this issue, you can find our capabilities, service details and contact details for our local team members.

For further information, please contact:

Henry Wang
Vice President, Agriculture Asia Pacific
SGS Hong Kong Limited
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