Rubber and its derivatives are used in almost every aspect of modern life. To ensure quality and safety it must undergo scrutiny and inspection, from the raw material to final production.

In Thailand, SGS is leading the way with its rubber inspection services. The country exports 1-1.5 million MT of rubber, in the form of ribbed smoked sheets (RSS) annually, to India, China and Japan, amongst others. In 2014, the country exported US$ 6 billion worth of RSS, 36% of the global export total.

Rubber producers process raw latex into RSS, which are then ready for despatch and export. We become involved when the producers’ customers need independent, third party, confirmation of quality, quantity and weight, as well as that the cargo conforms to the specification detailed on the letter of credit (LC).

RSS inspections demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the International Standards of Quality and Packing for Natural Rubber Grades (IRQPC). Inspections of latex in its liquid form are conducted to confirm compliance with ISO 2004 and/or the relevant American Standard Testing Method (ASTM). Products failing to meet the required standard will be rejected. If required, they can be referred to Thailand’s rubber association and/or council for further evaluation.

Most inspections are visual, though our team of trained and experienced inspectors can also request laboratory testing as needed.

We conducted rubber inspections for more than 30 years. Our team of experienced inspectors know how to inspect, test and verify RSS. They know about the different grades and qualities and can save you an enormous amount of time and money.

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