Workplace safety is essential for the efficient functioning of an organization. Adhering to safety regulations maximizes performance while minimizing downtime, and it ensures that everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

SGS is helping businesses to ensure workplace safety with a portfolio of workplace safety risk management solutions that can be securely and easily integrated into existing operations. By taking advantage of these solutions, businesses minimize safety risk by ensuring that personnel and contractors are competent, well trained and reliable, and that on site visitors do not pose a risk to safety.

Here are the workplace safety services we offer and some details on how businesses are using them:


SGS safeSTAX technology incorporates a centralized database repository integral to managing personnel compliance and mitigating workplace risk. Accessible from multiple locations, safeSTAX makes it easy to upload, store, print and retrieve personnel data, allowing you to efficiently manage personnel qualifications.

Customizable and simple to integrate, SGS safeSTAX is used by organizations of all sizes and across a variety of industries, in both single and multi-site operations. In addition to records management, it offers:

  • Verification of personnel — validate an individual’s identification, qualifications and medical records, and then upload the evidence into safeSTAX
  • Access control — ensure only verified and competent personnel gain access to your site, via the use of smart card technology
  • Skills management — monitor skills and identify learning gaps, which will help you to keep your workforce up to date, certified and in line with any changes in legislation or regulations
  • Productivity evaluation — monitor time and track personnel attendance on site and gain assistance in validating invoiced attendance against associated payments

SGS safeSTAX also includes the modules safeAUDIT and safeAPPLY, which help to ensure that suppliers and contractors are compliant and meet required safety standards.


Businesses can monitor suppliers and validate that they are certified to company specific or global standards using safeAUDIT. It provides automatic tracking of certification status and dynamic reporting on current certification and recertification attempts. Modifications or insertions of data are viewable within a full audit trail. Users can view suppliers who have outstanding issues with certification renewals.

A global food retailer is one of the many companies that have benefited from safeAUDIT. In 2013, SGS used safeAUDIT to develop an online system for managing the company’s approved supplier program. This replaced a labor intensive manual process.

Read the case study: Managing Supplier Compliance with safeAUDIT, a Module of safeSTAX (PDF 130 KB)


With safeAPPLY, your business can ensure that contractors who are required to undertake induction training are qualified and authorized to do so. Contractors request induction training via the safeAPPLY portal, uploading their qualifications, such as licenses and training certificates, to the system. Once the required documents are submitted, the contractor’s qualifications are assessed. Upon approval, the booking is processed, with relevant details automatically stored in safeSTAX.

SGS is helping a global mining company to deliver induction training more efficiently with safeAPPLY. SGS developed the safeAPPLY solution, which uses the company’s branding, for requesting induction training and uploading required documents, based on a pre-determined Training Needs Analysis (TNA), specific to the company. Documents are safely stored in the safeAPPLY database. SGS approves training by validating required skills against the TNA.

Read the case study: safeAPPLY Online Course Appraisals for Contractor Verification
(PDF 78 KB)

SGS Academy and SGS Learning Management System (LMS)

SGS Academy is a worldwide network of learning centers of excellence that delivers industry level expertise across a wide range of subjects. Learning and development solutions from SGS Academy help to maintain and develop the competence and skill levels of individuals within your organization.

Customized safety induction and training, developed and delivered by SGS, ensure that your workforce is qualified, inducted and assessed before gaining access to your site. Where companies set expiry periods for induction training, SGS will notify personnel when their skills are expiring.

SGS’s LMS uses the Oracle iLearning Plus platform. It allows you to efficiently manage skills, conduct assessments, plan and book training courses, record employee performance and award online certificates.

Combining SGS Academy and SGS’s LMS with safeSTAX creates a robust safety and skills management system that enables you to efficiently manage your operational risk.

A global mining company is using SGS Academy and safeSTAX to ensure a high level of compliance on site. Our highly experienced trainers take inductee contractors through all aspects of working on the company’s mine sites, including:

  • Essential safety behavior
  • Hazard identification and control
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Fitness for work policies

Training is contextualized to meet the company’s specific requirements. Our long standing relationship with the company, combined with our ability to deliver industry leading training and risk management services, saw us win a three year contract as the company’s exclusive provider of all safety based training services, including non-induction training.

The company also gains many benefits from safeSTAX, including the ability to ensure that only competent and trained personnel are allowed on site and that contracting companies are approved to conduct work on site.

Read the case study: Helping an Australian Mining Company Identify and Monitor Competent Operational Teams Using SGS Academy and safeSTAX (PDF 289 KB)

Visitor Kiosk by SGS

Visitor Kiosk by SGS extends safety risk management to every individual who visits your site. It lets you know immediately who is on your site, with whom, where and for how long. Visitor Kiosk allows you to upload personalized site safety inductions, which can include site security questions, delivered via a self-registering process. It gives visitors the confidence that your business is serious about site safety and security.

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