China is currently one of the most important sourcing countries in the world for footwear and leather goods. Between 2009 and 2014 the export growth increased by 9.9% annually.1 In 2014, footwear and leather accounted for nearly 40% of global exports (worth USD 118 billion).1,2 This has been achieved by the mature vertically integrated value chain within China. The raw materials and range of shoe and leather goods producers are easily accessible and have a highly developed infrastructure such as seaports and the railway system to ship products locally and internationally.
To many international brands, China presents a great opportunity to source a diverse range of footwear and leather goods with a wide variety of functions and designs to suit brands’ and retailers’ clientele. The main challenge is to ensure that products meet the appropriate requirements of national and international markets as well as product quality. These are crucial for access to the international markets.

SGS China – Your Partner to International Market Access

In the increasingly quality driven and regulated industry, SGS China has emerged as an ideal partner to assist brands and retailers to enter international markets. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated instruments, eight of our ISO 17025 accredited footwear and leather goods testing laboratories are strategically located at the core sourcing zone for footwear and leather products and in close proximity to many international brands’ sourcing offices. Our industry and laboratory experts based in these laboratories will provide the best-in-class services to the local industry, as well as working with our technical experts at our Footwear & Leather Goods Competence Centre in Guangzhou. This will ensure that the laboratories are providing consistently high quality services to all our customers.
Our SGS China laboratory network allows greater service access to local manufacturers and sourcing offices alike to assure their products meet the applicable international and national standards of their destination markets. This includes REACH for Europe, CPSIA for the US and many other popular emerging markets such as Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey, Korea, etc.
SGS China offers an extensive program of chemical and physical testing services. In addition to these services, SGS China offers a full spectrum of additional services including audit, inspection and technical consultancy across the footwear and leather goods supply chain.

  • Raw material testing: Wet blues, leather chemicals, auxiliaries, adhesives
  • Component testing: Leather, textile lining, fur materials, metal accessories
  • Complete footwear & leather goods testing: physical performance & chemical testing
  • Physical performance testing: bonding strength, heel impact, abrasion resistance and many more
  • Chemical testing: restricted substance testing (e.g. REACH, SVHC, CPSIA and other countries’ regulations), Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Technical troubleshooting: chromium VI prevention training and audit solution, mold prevention training and audit solution, defect analysis
  • Supply Chain Solutions: product inspection, social compliance audit and other technical audits

For further information, please contact:

Amos Lin
Laboratory Manager
SGS China Laboratory for Footwear and Leather Goods
2/F, No.198, Kezhu Road, Science Park,
Luo Gang District, Guangzhou,
Guangdong, China 510663
t: +86 20 8207 5166
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1 IBIS world
2 Top Footwear Exporter