China's Ministry of Finance has recently announced reduced import tariffs for a range of consumer products, including footwear.
Tariffs for leather shoes, rubber shoes and sports shoes have been reduced from 22-24% to 12%, with a view to introduce more international brands to China and to create more choice for consumers. With this in mind, and market analyst estimates that by 2016 60% of China’s 1.3 billion population will be considered middle class, SGS expects domestic footwear consumption in China to increase in the near future, which will present huge business potential for many international brands.
For these reasons, it is important for the brands and retailers to ensure ther footwear products they sell in China are compliant to China’s mandatory standards, Guo Biao, (GB) and other applicable product standards. Common mandatory standards and product standards are as follow. Many of these standards embrace restricted substances, physical safety, workmanship and labelling requirements. Products must meet the applicable standards prior to sale, or risk recall.

Mandatory national standards:

  • GB 21550-2008 Restriction of hazardous materials in polyvinyl chloride artificial leather
  • GB 25038-2010 Rubber shoe healthy and safe specification
  • GB 21536-2008 Athletic shoes
  • GB 25036-2010 Children’s canvas rubber footwear (shoes)
  • GB 30585-2014 Safety technical specification for children's footwear
  • GB 28011-2011 Shanks for footwear
  • GB 20400-2006 Leather and fur – Limit of harmful matter
  • and many more to be updated as regulation changes

Common product standards:

  • QB/T 1002-2005 Leather shoes
  • QB/T 2880-2007 Children’s leather shoes
  • GB/T 15107-2013 Athletic shoes
  • QB/T 2955-2008 Casual shoes
  • and many more to be updated as regulation changes

Accredited China’s Laboratories at Your Doorsteps

Through our network CNAS and CMA accredited laboratories in China for China GB testing, we are able to support the international brands and retailers in evaluating the footwear compliance to China’s standards.
Our Footwear Competence Centre in Guangzhou is strategically located in Southern China to serve many manufacturers such as fashion, sports and women shoes producers. In addition, our state-of-the-art footwear laboratories in Shanghai & Hangzhou are located in the heart of leather and rubber footwear manufacturing sites as well as being close to many sourcing offices of international brands. The strategic locations enable the industry to access the fast and professional testing, audit and inspection services from SGS at their doorsteps.
To further support the industry, SGS footwear and leather specialists located at the Footwear Competence Centre are able to provide services related to all aspects of the footwear & leather supply chain, including Footwear Defect AnalysisMould Prevention Solutions and Chromium VI Prevention Solutions to help the industry to troubleshoot commonly encountered challenges.

For further information, please contact:

Footwear Technical Competence Centre (Guangzhou)
Amos Lin
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Luo Gang District, Guangzhou,
Guangdong, China
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