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SGS has made it possible for clients to export certified non-GMO crops from Ukraine.

SGS developed an Identity Preservation (IP) program following two decades during which the failure of monitoring systems in Ukraine meant it was almost impossible to prove that crops were GMO-free.

In 2012, after stringent monitoring, sampling, testing, analysis and certification, our IP program enabled a client to export the country’s first non-GMO parcels, some 600 MT of non-GMO soya. This rose to 100,000 MT in 2013 and continues to grow today.

Adding Value

GMO contamination seriously reduces the value of crops. A MT of non GMO soya may fetch $350 US, but if contaminated by GMO its value is significantly reduced.

IPP in Action

SGS’s IPP relies on extensive sampling, testing, monitoring, supervision and inspections. To certify that a crop is non-GMO, some 25-30 samples will be taken for every 10,000 MT of soybeans and tested using PCR. In addition, some 150-200 samples will undergo express-testing before certification can be issued. This compares to just one sample per 10,000 MT for loading/unloading supervision sampling.

There are two routes to IPP certification.

  1. Seed to Loading: monitoring starts with the seeds. SGS checks seeds, before planting, then on maturity of the plants we monitor harvesting, storage and loading to containers.
  2. Silo to Loading: monitoring starts at the inland silo, during or pre-shipment, when samples are taken from the elevators in the silos. If tests are negative, the grains are loaded onto wagons, and the re-checked at the port storage facility and when loaded into vessels.

SGS Services

IPP has proven very successful for SGS clients in Ukraine, before this program no soya beans could be exported as non-GMO. We offer testing for GMO, using real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing equipment, and for all known GMO events.

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