SGS is investing to expand and strengthen the services and geographic reach of its Brazilian field trials research network.

Three New Stations in Brazil

SGS will invest in three new experimental field research stations and expand others in response to increasing demand from the agriculture industry, for research projects across the country.

Already operating six stations across Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goiás, SGS conducts field research for different companies developing fertilisers, seeds, pesticides, biopesticides and transgenic plants. This expansion will establish experimental stations in a further three states, at Primavera do Leste in Mato Grosso, Luis Eduardo Magalhães in Bahia and Petrolina in Pernambuco.

Building on our existing facilities, we will also invest to increase the capabilities and capacity at our existing experimental station at Restinga Seca, Rio Grande do Sul. New infrastructure will ensure the facilities are in place, and our investment in the training, skills and qualifications of our local experts will increase the range of services available to clients.

Crop Research Coverage

SGS field trials test new pesticides, seed varieties and fertilisers to the highest standards, in a variety of relevant geographic and climatic conditions. Examples of the crops covered include:

  1. Row crops: soybean, corn, cotton, wheat, beans, rice, peanut and sunflower.
  2. Horticulture: citrus, tomato, potato, pepper, apple, banana, grape, mango, melon and watermelon.
  3. Others: sugar cane, coffee, eucalyptus, palm tree and coconut tree.

We provide you with a globally standardised field trials research service including:


Regulated GMO trials:

  1. Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) plants
  2. Efficacy of herbicides
  3. Herbicide residues (GLP)
  4. Composition and expression (GLP)
  5. Agronomic
  6. NTO trials
  7. Environmental fate

Plant Protection

Residue field trials:

  1. Field trials as principal investigator
  2. Study director
  3. Project management
  4. Quality assurance

Bioefficacy trials:

  1. Insecticides
  2. Fungicides
  3. Herbicides
  4. Biopesticides
  5. Fertilisers
  6. Cultivars

Equipped with the latest technologies, state-of-the art laboratories and field stations, we have more than 100 field trial experts ready to deliver tailor-made research projects. We also offer greenhouse studies, pest resistance management, field studies and a range of GLP and ISO compliant analytical solutions.

These investments, and our unrivalled network of research stations, will enable us to meet agribusiness needs across all the key geographic and agricultural regions of Brazil.

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For further details, please contact:

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Regional Business Development Head
SGS – Brazil
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