Epistar Corporation has built a new LED manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Through the use of building information modeling (BIM), SGS is helping the plant to earn LEED green building certification.

The new plant is located in Zhu-Nan Industrial park, in Hsing-Zhu County, Taiwan. This industrial park is a hub for high tech manufacturing and the provision of optical, photo-voltaic and LED upstream solid state solutions. Epistar, a global leader in LED manufacturing, will use the plant to produce lighting that can be used in devices such as cell phone screens, laptops and televisions.

An Ambitious Target

Epistar set a target for the building to be awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification from the US Green Building Council. This is an especially challenging target, particularly for manufacturing facilities.

In May 2014, Epistar hired SGS to help it to achieve LEED gold certification by providing consulting and project management services. SGS was chosen because of its expertise in green building certification, building commissioning, building energy modeling and environmental testing. SGS had previously provided Epistar with various types of laboratory testing services, so Epistar was already familiar with the quality of SGS’s work.

Working to Achieve Success

SGS experts in green building consulting, building energy modeling and building commissioning have been working on the project. The scope of the work includes the provision of:

  • Various building performance simulations and analyses
  • A water savings assessment
  • A materials life cycle analysis
  • Guidance on construction waste reduction
  • Verification that the project meets local and international green building standards

Working closely with project stakeholders, SGS has been evaluating the entire building design and providing recommendations on how to decrease energy consumption and environmental impact while increasing safety and comfort.

BIM is Essential

SGS relied on BIM to develop an energy optimization strategy for the project. SGS used BIM to evaluate the energy efficiency of various building systems, including the HVAC system of the entire building and the complex ventilation system of the manufacturing cleanroom. BIM was also used to perform environmental simulations. These enabled SGS to devise solar shading strategies, and strategies for reducing light pollution and increasing the effectiveness of indoor ventilation.

Obtaining LEED Certification

With the help SGS, the structure itself has been finished, and the entire project, including MEP installation and interior fit-out, is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. SGS will then be commissioning the building, to ensure the quality and performance of the building systems during operation.

Epistar expects to obtain LEED gold certification, which will aid it in becoming recognized as a socially and environmentally responsible corporation, once the project is completed.

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