For the last 5 years SGS has run a Focus on the Danube campaign. The region increases in importance, with commodity flows moving north and south via this extensive waterway that ends in Romania at one of Europe’s largest ports: Constanta on the Black Sea. We have also seen increasing investment in cargo handling facilities and logistics within the region, and large companies gearing up to fully exploit the potential of these expanding agricultural production countries. Cargo destinations are also increasingly diverse, with goods originating in the region being shipped as far afield as Asia and South America in recent times.

Having established operations along the Danube many years ago, SGS has developed greater coordination between the countries more recently. In addition, we have made increasing investments in laboratory testing facilities, on-site grading and sampling capabilities. Today, our Agricultural Services Team covering the Danube consists of more than 500 full-time employees and we are the only company to have fully capable, accredited testing laboratories in each country. Recent additions to our services include GMO testing and additional capacity for mycotoxins and pesticide residue analysis. While this region has substantial activity and great potential, there are also many risks that you can avoid with fast state of the art testing locally.

In this issue, we introduce you to our industry-leading teams on the Danube and confirm our readiness to help you manage the risks you face along this complex and developing supply chain.

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