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Across the Black Sea region, crop yields remain strong although Russia and Ukraine both expect a slight decrease in yields compared to 2014. However, this is offset by a general trend towards growth, as seen over the last five years.

Weather conditions, as always, have a direct impact upon crops, their planting, growth, harvest and yields. In 2015, although the year started well with generally fine conditions for planting, there has been more rain than usual since and temperatures have been lower than average.

Even so, a surprise weather front in Russia just before the start of the harvest – heavy rainfalls with hail and strong winds during the last ten days of June – affected all the key grain producing South and Black soil regions. This meant that many of the inspected fields were found with ears of barley and wheat lying on the ground. At the same time, Russia has a drought in the Samara and Saratov regions (Volga) so the forecast is for a decrease of yield here.

The influence of weather conditions may cause some adjustments to the preliminary forecast for the general grain harvest in Russia and to the estimates made about the quality of the new crop. Based on our crop tour assessment and the first tested samples of new crop, we expect problems with the falling quantity, the corresponding decrease in protein and gluten („washing up"), and the likelihood of fungus agro diseases in the South and Black soil regions. From Volga, we expect a low test weight but high protein. We will determine the exact quality during our Grain Quality Map 2015 (PDF 2 MB) project which starts on 15/07/15 in Russia and Ukraine and later in Kazakhstan.

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