In March 2014, Gases del Caribe commissioned a major construction project for a new 240-kilometer gas pipeline to supply domestic customers in Magdalena and Cesar, Colombia.

The large-scale project required horizontal directional drilling in five rivers, and the installation of cathodic protection systems and ERM stations. Due to the size and scope of the project, Gases del Caribe needed to be certain that all quality and technical specifications were met, and that the project was completed within the deadline and allotted budget. They also needed to ensure compliance with a wide range of regulatory and health and safety standards.

Construction supervision from a trusted world leader

As a result of the scale and complexity of the project, Gases del Caribe needed a partner they could trust to supervise construction of the gas pipeline. With its extensive experience in design, supervision, non-destructive testing (NDT), environmental studies and social management in hydrocarbon transportation projects, Gases del Caribe chose SGS.

SGS worked on-site, supervising technical, administrative and non-destructive testing (NDT) activities, ensuring the project and its contractors complied with Gases del Caribe’s technical specifications and contractual terms.
As part of the project, SGS delivered:

  • Mechanical and civil quality supervision
  • Health and safety (HSE) supervision
  • Administrative supervision
  • NDT services
  • Social and environmental management
  • Liaison with the region’s communities and authorities

Due to SGS’s excellent performance, Gases del Caribe is beginning negotiations to contract the company to assist with the supervision of an additional 12-kilometer gas pipeline and the construction of a compression chamber.

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