Building on its reputation for excellence and responding to client needs, SGS is at the forefront of efforts to add assurance and quality control to its agriculture services in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

In the port, SGS has invested in incoming truck controls. This development enables clients to purchase grain from farmers without the need to use inland silos, thereby reducing transport and cargo handling expenses. To increase quality, our probe sampling set up and processes now includes camera footage. Covering sampling and analysis processes in two terminals, the footage validates the quality of the services provided. It is also a demonstration of the confidence that we have in our team and the training they have completed.

Specialising in express testing, SGS’s agriculture laboratory has branches located at the biggest grain terminals in Port Klaipeda, conduct sampling and analysis on wheat cargoes delivered for accumulation and onward transport. In this busy port, SGS laboratories in Klaipeda receives up to 500 delivery trucks daily, some 1,600,000 MT per season. Quality control is of the utmost importance.

Equipped with Infraneo, nilema litre, FN apparatus, equipment for physical grain control and a truck vacuum sampler, SGS employs samplers, inspectors and analysts to delivering services 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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For further information, please contact:

Nikolay Balykov
Division Coordinator
Silutes pl. 119, Klaipeda
LT-95112, Lithuania
t: +370 46 320 770

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