Walking Together to Tackle Challenges in the Footwear and Leather Industry 2015.

Sustainability tops the agenda in both the business and public sectors. In light of recent sweeping changes in the world’s economy and heightened consumer awareness of sustainable production, the footwear and leather industry and its supply chains now face a raft of new challenges.

In May, SGS’s roadshow and seminar series ‘Walking Together to Tackle Challenges in the Footwear and Leather Industry 2015’ will visit India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China to explore the challenges and how the industry can meet them.

Product safety, quality, functionality, as well as environmentally and socially sustainable production of footwear and leather products, all present their own unique challenges. Improving sustainability creates brand value among the consumers and stakeholders. It also takes into account the environmental and social impact of production, the selection of raw materials, innovative production methods, and applying this principle along the chain into retailers and end-of-life disposal.

In this seminar, SGS experts will share with you the fundamentals of footwear and leather production, as well as explore the challenges posed by the move towards sustainable production and supply chain. This seminar is designed to help brands/retailers/sourcing companies and manufacturers of footwear and leather goods identify their supply chain and compliance issues, as well as master the key elements of chemical management and sustainable production.

Seminar Agenda:

  • Understanding leather production process from raw hides to finishing
  • Quality management of leather, how to select the right tanners , leather grading, measures to improve the cost efficiency of leather
  • Understanding footwear production and the current challenges in the supply chain
  • Mold issues and solutions
  • Potential chemical risks in footwear and leather production process, understanding restricted substances and their requirements, how to manage the restricted substances along the supply chain
  • Spreading the cost of testing through supply chain, reducing the possibility of finding restricted substances in the final products
  • Workshop recap, Q & A

About the Speakers

Paul Bridge – Paul has over 30 years of international footwear production, footwear materials and leather experience. Starting his career in Northamptonshire, home of the UK footwear industry. Paul has worked for footwear manufacturers supplying many renowned footwear brands and high-end high street retailers, before developing his career in the footwear machinery and components suppliers. Moving to the USA Paul was head of sales at Porvair International, supplying many international brands. Most recently, Paul was sales director of ECCO Leather based in Holland before joining SGS to share his experience with its footwear and leather team.

Dr. Andrew Hudson – Since graduating with a degree and PhD in Chemistry, Andrew has been in the leather and textile industry for over 20 years. Initially working in research and development programs on technical innovations in leather production and color fastness, Andrew oversaw the expansion of a leather testing laboratory with specific focus on restricted substances and footwear testing. He has also sat on the leather test method committees for ISO and CEN for physical and chemical testing and has specialist knowledge of restricted substance issues with regard to leather products. Having worked in a number of different positions within the leather and footwear industry, he brings a balanced understanding of supply chain issues and their effect on suppliers and retailers alike.

Roadshow Calendar

Chennai, India May 12, 2015
Agra, India May 14, 2015
Surabaya, Indonesia May 19, 2015
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam May 22, 2015
Guangzhou, China May 25, 2015

Enrolment & General Enquiries:

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Indonesia Ms. Fitria Handayaningsi
Ms. Hannah Muthiah
+62 21 7818111 ext 752
Vietnam Ms. Linh Tran +84 8 38160999 ext 120
China Ms. Kay Huang +86 20 82155555

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