Hydroelectric Station
Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) needed to conduct a major safety review of its Batang Ai Hydroelectric Station and train its operation and maintenance staff in dam safety.

As well as assessing the Batang Ai Hydroelectric Station, the review needed to cover several dams, stations and facilities, including:

  • Batang Ai Main Dam
  • Lima Saddle Dam
  • Bekatan Saddle Dam
  • Sebangki Saddle Dam
  • Spillway
  • Pan Saddle Emergency Spillway
  • Power intake structure
  • Pressure pipeline
  • Power station
  • Switching station
  • Sekabo saddle
  • Tinteng saddles A and B
  • Reservoir

Trusted independent expertise

As a result of the extensive nature of the review, SEB needed a world-renowned independent third party with extensive experience in safety inspections for major facilities. That partner was SGS.

SGS provided:

  • Dam safety inspection
  • Redaction of the safety review report, following Australian Dam Safety Guidelines
  • Flood routing in the reservoir
  • Hydraulic and hydrological calculation
  • Condition evaluation of civil structures and electromechanical equipment
  • Review of the emergency action plan, and operation and maintenance rules
  • Preparation and presentation of a training course in dam safety for 40 SEB staff

SGS evaluated the dams and hydroelectric station, confirming good conditions of service for all essential equipment. Based on the findings from the inspection and review of the owner’s technical file, SGS provided a list of actions to ensure that SEB was able to further improve dam safety, hydraulic and hydrologic safety, and the safety of instrumentation, auscultation and electromechanical and electrical equipment.

A collaborative approach

Onsite inspections, meetings and discussion of findings were carried out in collaboration with SEB. Thanks to its extensive experience in similar projects, SGS was able share its knowledge of dam safety from other projects and its possible application for dam safety in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Fit for the future

SGS also applied an innovative approach to SEB’s training requirements, growing their team of experts and expanding knowledge with studies of other comparable dam sites. As a result, SEB are in a strong position to undertake the many hydroelectric projects required in Sarawak in the near future.

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