Nord Stream Pipelines
Nord Stream pipelines bring natural gas to millions in the EU with help from SGS technical services.

As demands for energy increase, consumers and businesses require new, diverse energy sources to meet their ever-growing needs. To help fulfill demands and ensure energy security in Europe, in a EUR 7.4 billion project, Nord Stream has built a pipeline system for transporting natural gas from Russia to the European Union via Germany. As technical consultant, SGS played a crucial role in the pipelines’ construction.

Nord Stream AG, an international consortium of five shareholders, formed in 2005 with the aim of creating a pipeline system to transport natural gas across the Baltic Sea. The company began work on twin, parallel pipelines running from Russia to Lubmin, Germany, to supply natural gas to all of Europe.

A Need for Technical Expertise

With a vast undertaking such as this, it was essential that experts be on hand to minimize technical risks. The German licensing authority, Stralsund Mining Authority, hired SGS as technical advisor to ensure the pipelines were durable, safe and environmentally sound.

More than 100 onshore and offshore experts from SGS were responsible for:

  • Basic design verification
  • Manufacturing survey and inspection
  • Installation survey and inspection
  • Pre-commissioning supervision 
  • Review of operation and maintenance procedures

The Pipelines are Completed

With the help of SGS, gas transport through the first of the 1,224 kilometer twin pipelines began in November 2011. Gas transport through the second began in October 2012.

Today, the system can carry up to 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, at pressures ranging from up to 220 bar on the Russian side and up to 110 bar on the German side, enough to meet the energy requirements of more than 26 million households.

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