Supply chain management remains at the top of the Hot Source agenda.

Some of the key findings of SGS’s global industry survey on “Supply Chain Risk Management: How vulnerable is your supply chain”, completed by industries in 48 different countries, have been included in this issue. A full account of our survey results will be included in a new white paper, “Supply Chain Management: How Well Do You Know Your Supply Chain”. The white paper will provide an overview of current thinking within the food industry on how best to manage supply chain risks and will be available for download from our white paper library in April.

Meeting seemingly insatiable demand for food from a growing global population means looking beyond conventional products. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) has stated that consumers and the food supply chain needs to include alternate sources of food, such as edible insects. Find out more about this small but growing sector.

After a year of planning and consultations, the BRC Global Standard For Food Safety Issue 7 has been published. We explore the changes that have been introduced in order to improve food safety. In the EU, new food labelling regulations came into force in December. Initial industry feedback has highlighted issues, with different interpretations of requirements hindering the flow of data along the food supply chain.

Focused on delivering the highest quality Agriculture and Food services, SGS in Chile has a network of three ISO accredited food testing laboratories offering a broad range of food safety testing, as well as experienced agronomists advising farm managers on how to use fertigation monitoring services to optimise productivity in the field.

Developing and deploying new solutions, SGS offers pest management services across the food supply chain. We introduce this service.

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