City of Madrid successfully launches a major three-year planning, coordination, inspection and monitoring of street works program.

Home to over 3.2 million people, Madrid is the largest city in Spain. Dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of its streets, the City of Madrid looked to implement a major street works program, including:

  • Planning works twice a year
  • Daily inspection planning (365 days a year, 24 hours a day) 
  • Monthly reporting of results

As a result, they needed specific expertise in planning, coordination, inspection and monitoring, and Geographic Information System (GIS) expertise for planning works. The City of Madrid also required appropriate communications and software systems for the program and needed to ensure compliance with the ordinance regulations for design and monitoring of works in municipal areas.

Making the street works program happen

Due to the scope of the project, and the specialist expertise required, the City of Madrid needed a partner they could trust to ensure that the street works program can run successfully over the next three years.

SGS has been providing inspection services and civil works consultation for the City of Madrid since 2006. Because of the success of SGS’s performance for the client in the past, the City of Madrid chose the company to implement a three-year contract for inspection and monitoring of works, inspections for maintenance of pavements and Geographic Information System (GIS) planning works.

As part of the contract, SGS will provide:

  • A large team of inspectors with specific experience of street works. The will include civil engineers with expertise in project management, technical coordination, legal, IT and communications management. SGS will also supply inspectors and administrative staff
  • A team of experts in GIS technologies for coordination between the City and other companies for GIS planning works
  • Inspection of works to verify compliance with regulations 
  • Inspection of pavement incidents

SGS will also provide a communication system and specific software capable of analyzing the large volume of data obtained by SGS inspectors quickly. SGS developed the computer system in 2007 and will adapt it to fit the needs of the client.

Thanks to SGS’s help, the City of Madrid can now confidently implement its street works program over the coming years.

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