Drip irrigation in closed systems pays dividends for Turkey’s fruit and vegetable growers in the battle against nematodes.

In Turkey, SGS has launched a new service, Professional Applications, to ensure the accurate, efficient and timely application of conditioners to sterilise soil in commercial greenhouses. Treatment under this programme ensures that the soil used in cultivation is not infected with nematodes.

Vegetables and ornamentals grown under glasshouses and plastic (poly) tunnels are a key sector in Turkey’s horticultural industry. In the south of the country, greenhouses for commercial production cover large areas, taking advantage of the region’s natural thermal water springs for heating. In total, some 55,000 hectares of land is given over to greenhouse production. The most popular crop is pepper, followed by tomato and cucumber.

Working in the regions of Antalya and Mersin, SGS’s professional applications service is being employed to control root-knot nematodes on tomato and pepper crops. Our team of certified applicators use drip irrigation to sterilise the soil with the client’s chosen nematicide.

Cultivation Method

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses usually takes place on soil.

Nematode Control

Under the conditions found in the Aegean and southern regions of Turkey, especially in sandy soils, Meloidogyne spp. nematodes are the most prevalent pests. They are particularly damaging to cucumbers because nematode-resistant cultivars do not yet exist for this crop.

Nematodes controls for pepper, tomato and cucumber crops are therefore based on two soil disinfectants with a general effect and two special nematicides. In 2005, nematode controls were reduced by the withdrawal of methylbromide for soil treatment.

To support industry development of approved and effective nematode control solutions, SGS has previously established trials to evaluate the efficacy of new products on cucumber and tomato crops. These trials were conducted in Turkey, in several experimental greenhouses. The new nematicide being tested was applied to the crop repeatedly, using drip irrigation (closed system) equipment, and the results have formed the basis for a successful product launch in 2014.

Professional Services

With extensive experience in the commercial greenhouse sector, SGS is a leading supplier of professional application services for nematicides to Turkey’s horticulture businesses. Our local experts can advise and support the development and application of innovations in Turkey’s agriculture sector.

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