Wind Farm
CEZ Group has invested EUR 1.1 billion in the construction of Cogealac and Fantanele Wind Farm in Romania, the largest onshore wind farm in Europe. Located in Romania’s Dobrogea region, 17 kilometers from the Black Sea, the wind farm has a total of 240 turbines and a capacity of 600 MW. This represents a huge financial investment for CEZ group. SGS was there to help manage the project.

Construction began in October 2008, when Fantanele Wind Farm was built.

In July 2010, the second stage of construction, the building of Cogealac Wind Farm and Fantanele Extension, began. This involved building:

  • 120 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 300MW
  • Three 33kV/110kV substations
  • 45,000 cubic meters of RF concrete foundations
  • More than 400 kilometers of electrical cables
  • 85 kilometers of CMC piles 
  • 101 kilometers of access roads

Managing it All

To ensure successful completion, a project of this size and complexity requires expert management and supervision – ranging from preparing contracts to performing quality control – throughout its duration. CEZ Group knew it could count on SGS for help. As a long-time partner of SGS Czech Republic, it was aware of SGS’s financial and technical expertise.

In August 2009, SGS Czech Republic was hired to perform a consulting role. This role was expanded during the project’s second stage to include:

  • Preparation of an agreement for contractors and consultants
  • Review of project documentation
  • Delivery, installation and inspection of wind turbine generators
  • Construction supervision and inspection
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Scheduling and cost control
  • Health, safety and environment control, including the performance of an HSE audit

The Project Ends Successfully

SGS was involved with the project until its completion, in September 2013. CEZ Group expressed its satisfaction with SGS by awarding it two more HSE audits in Cogealac, as well as an audit of CEZ Group’s hydro power plant, also located in Romania.

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