A modern, efficient sewer system is essential for quality of life. To create better living conditions for the residents of Brezovica, Slovenia, authorities in Brezovica have undertaken a EUR 8 million project to build a new system for transporting and treating waste water, mainly from family homes, with the help of technical advisory services from SGS.

The project involves the construction of a 27,000 meter long sewage system and a 4,300 PE waste water treatment plant. The entire system is designed to work as a vacuum system, which eliminates the need for deep excavation. The average depth of sewage pipes is only 1.3 meters. This project is the first of its kind for Slovenia.

A challenging start

From the beginning, there were hurdles to overcome. Some of the land required for the sewage system was privately owned and needed to be acquired by the city. There was no technical documentation to reference, as the company that had originally been managing the project had gone bankrupt and had left without supplying proper documentation.

Brezovica authorities knew they would need help to complete the project successfully. They chose SGS, which has a reputation for excellence in this area and was offering substantial cost savings, to manage construction and provide technical assistance.

As technical advisor, SGS offered guidance on how to surmount these obstacles in a timely and cost efficient manner.

A complex project needs tight supervision

The project, which began August 2013, involves construction at 11 different locations simultaneously, 2 of which experience constant traffic. To ensure that all of the work meets quality standards and is completed on time and on budget, SGS is monitoring construction and providing quality control. SGS experts are on hand to conduct comprehensive civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and supervisory services.

To date, Brezovica authorities have demonstrated their satisfaction with SGS’s performance by awarding additional tasks:

  • Supervising the construction of two new sidewalks
  • Supervising the construction of additional water and street lighting systems

The city of Brezovica is also considering contracting with SGS for work on a new pumping station and kindergarten energy efficiency reconstruction.

The project is expected to be completed December 2015.

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