Precision Farming Reduces Co2 Emissions

In 2013, SGS Precision Farming services helped clients to reduce CO2 emissions by an astonishing 80,000 tonnes.

Our precision farming services equip farm managers with the detailed information required to make better decisions and maximize productivity. This means helping growers to reduce the use, and overuse, of fertilizers.

Fertilizers are significant contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 1.2 to 1.6 tonnes of CO2per tonne of fertilizer produced and used. Research suggests that the use of a spatially variable application for fertilizer can reduce its use by about a third (33%).

Trials to Combat Non-Native Moth Incursion Begin in France

Palm trees in Southern France and other southern countries, including Italy and Spain, are under attack from Paysandia archon, a Neotropical moth that arrived in the region on palms imported from Argentina. In the south of France, near the Mediterranean, SGS Seed & Crop Services France is running the first ever trials to test a new chemical product on behalf of the manufacturer to evaluate isefficacy against this non-native pest.

In accordance with the trial protocol, holes are made in the palms’ trunk and products are inserted directly into the vascular system. Several protocols will be set up in order to evaluate the product’s efficacy and to determine the best rate, the number of applications as well as the best timing of application. Numerous assessments and palms sampling will be performed over the next two years.

The moth is active from June to September, but it is the caterpillar that causes damage, including galleries in the trunk and perforations of palms, sawdust caps and deformity of the trees. Although the palm can survive, in most cases, it cannot sprout new leaves and dies.

Hungary Gep Accreditation Extended

Hungary’s National Food Safety Chain Office has inspected and audited SGS’s field trials service and granted a new certificate, valid for five years.

SGS operates all over Hungary in the main cropping areas and may carry out efficacy trials for authorisation purposes for the following categories of products and cultivation:

  • Product categories: herbicides, fungicides, zoocides, growth regulators and yield enhancing substances, additives
  • Cultivation categories: field crops, vegetables, fruits, grapevines, ornamentals, others (resistance trial, dose effect trial, soil insecticide trial)

With a main station in Nyiregyhaza, SGS is going to establish a further station close to Budapest for the up-coming season.

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