SGS Life Science Services Announces Investment at its Mumbai, India, Facility

SGS Life Science Services announced that it is to invest in its Mumbai, India, facility, in a move which will see the current 1393 sq m laboratory more than double in size, to 3994 sq m. The expansion is being driven by increasing demand for Full Time Equivalent (FTE) activities for key pharmaceutical customers, as well as more stability projects from both local operations of Multi-National Companies and overseas organisations.

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SGS Awarded cGMP Accreditation for New Italian Analytical Laboratory

SGS Life Science Services announced that it has been awarded cGMP accreditation for its newly added analytical laboratory, at its Livorno, Italy facility. SGS’s first dedicated life science laboratory in Italy, the new lab will focus on analytical quality control testing, IT compliance and validation, and complements the existing service offer at the Livorno site, which provides facilities qualification, calibration and validation services, and an analytical chemistry laboratory which opened in 2013.

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SGS Life Science Services Announces Expansion of Glasgow Laboratory Dedicated to Testing of Biologics, Viral Vaccines, and Gene & Cell Therapies

SGS Life Science Services, the leading pharmaceutical analytical and bioanalytical contract solutions provider, today announced the completion of its expanded facility in Glasgow, UK, for the testing of cell banks for vaccines, gene and cell therapies, monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant protein based biological medicines. The new laboratory adds an additional 500 m2 and will be adjacent to SGS’s existing center of excellence for viral safety, now totalling 1,124 m2, with the enhanced capacity and capability in cell culture testing.

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