Dr. Andreas Zumdick, Global Business Manager Seed and Crop Services, SGS, presented the Agrow Award for Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait to Dow AgroSciences’ Mark Bramley, Regulatory Team Leader, for the company’s Isoclast™ Active, at a presentation ceremony in Amsterdam, on Wednesday October 29, 2014.

SGS is proud to sponsor the Agrow Awards 2014, which have been established to recognize excellence and innovation across the agriculture industry. As a key player in the crop protection business, SGS sponsored the 2014 Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait category to encourage innovation in agriculture .

Dow AgroSciences entry, Isoclast, is the sole member of the new sulfoximines chemical class of insecticides, which was launched in two formulations in June 2013: TRANSFORM® WG and CLOSER® SC. Isoclast active is effective at low use rates and has been developed globally in all major crop groups, including cotton, leafy and fruiting vegetables, apples, cereals, citrus, cole crops, grapes and soybeans.

Best Supporting Role Finalist

SGS was also a finalist for this year’s Best Supporting Role award, for its role in supporting the industry in their effort to protecting bees and non-target species from plant protection products (PPPs) by seed treatment applications. The shortlisting recognized SGS’s work with clients, stakeholders and government institutes to develop innovative solutions for plant and seed protection.

SGS develops new protocols for the collection of guttation, as well as contributing to higher tier field tests to assess exposure through pollen and nectar sampling and analysis. SGS has been involved in dust drift studies since a bee poisoning incident in Germany, where dust could have been identified as a potential source of the problem. Working with Germany’s Plant Breeders’ Association (BDP) and the European Seed Association (ESA), SGS has created, developed, tested and implemented new seed quality and seed treatment plant certification schemes.

“SGS is proud to be associated with the Agrow Awards 2014, both as sponsor of the Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait category, and a finalist in the Best Supporting Role category for our own work in supporting the industry in their effort to protecting non-target species from PPPs,” said Dr. Zumdick. “We hope that the work we have done, and continue to do in this field, benefits the industry as whole.”

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