SGS China launches a new real-time monitoring system and reduces cargo losses during barging.

Cargo loss during barging is a common problem, for traders, shippers and underwriters. Traditionally, the industry relies on stationing someone on board during voyages, as well as video recording. Taking advantage of new technologies, SGS China has developed a brand new solution, a real-time monitoring system.


Real time monitoring is a professional safety system that monitors the chosen view on site, via a network camera. Unlike traditional cameras, network cameras work well on either a LAN (Local Area Network), or via the internet. Images can be monitored remotely via 3G cellular service and the internet, or on board if all remote users connect to the same LAN.

Real-time monitoring characteristics

  1. Real-time monitoring of transport conditions staffed 24/7
  2. Systems equipped with sufficient storage to capture 240 hours of footage
  3. System warnings to alert the person on duty if an illegal operation is discovered, enabling them to turn off the system power, cover the monitor and so on
  4. Accurate GPS positioning and tracing functions


Between June and December, 2013, this system enabled our client to reduce cargo losses by 32%.

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