Agricultural producers, millers and traders, as well as their clients, rely on impartial third party data to understand exactly what is in the grains and crops that they are trading.

Grain monitoring reports deliver the fullest available snapshot of the quality of grain and whether grain products contain unwanted residues. Whether testing for mycotoxins or microbiological values, heavy metals, or pesticides, sampling and analysis carried out by an independent third party, like SGS, provides an objective and comprehensive overview of what the grain contains.

Grain Data Analysis

Producers, millers, traders and their clients, all rely on the analysis of key grain data. This is also true for customers. At SGS, we gather and analyse grains and grain products along the entire value chain, to identify and quantify the key parameters of quality and contaminants.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

In addition to understanding specific crops from selected locations, grain monitoring is also applied to wider markets, such as geographical areas. This can mean looking beyond individual operations to get the ‘bigger picture’, with a wider collection of data to create the basis for assessment of a season’s harvest results.

Grain monitoring delivers the data that can improve decision-making.

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