SGS’s online Airline Risk Calculator (ARC) enables organizations to create and maintain an aviation safety program that mitigates their exposure to aviation risk, and keeps employees safe.

Increasing international business means more travelers visiting more destinations. At the same time, corporate responsibility for employee safety includes risk assessment of travel to and from all business locations, especially when the travel involves flights on airlines unfamiliar to the company involved.

SGS works in over 60 countries providing expert aviation advice and assessing more than 300 airlines every year. The resulting tool is an online database, based on data collected annually since 2003, which ranks the world's major airlines by comparative risk, allowing subscribers to manage their commercial airline travel in an informed manner, and providing alerts and analysis whenever significant accidents or industry events occur. ARC also enables subscribers to demonstrate due diligence on behalf of those boards and directors who may be held responsible in the event of an accident.

SGS reviews and scores each airline taking into account the following factors:

  • Accident and incident reports
  • Fleet/aircraft type and age
  • Regional factors
  • Country security, regulations and air traffic control
  • Alliances and affiliations
  • Commercial/financial stability

"SGS ARC gives subscribers access to an unrivalled safety database," said David Jordan, SGS Global Head of Aviation. "We empower our clients to manage risk, to demonstrate they have appropriate controls in place and place their employees’ welfare at the heart of their travel planning."

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