SGS, the accredited cargo surveying company (ACSC) for the bulk and break-bulk cargo clearance enhancement programme (BBBCCEP) of the Philippine Bureau of Customs (BOC), services the needs of importers, exporters and brokers conducting business in the Philippines.
Appointed and re-appointed, since the beginning of the programme, SGS assists exporters, importers and brokers and coordinates the inspection of goods that are subject to the BBBCCEP.
The BBBCCEP is a government-mandated customs trade facilitation established in June 2010.
Through affiliates in exporting countries, we survey bulk and break-bulk cargo headed to the Philippines. Our reports provide the basis for the BOC to facilitate the movement and release of imported articles.

BBBCCEP has been expanded and is scheduled to be implemented in October 2014. It will cover all containerised goods destined for the Philippines, but includes the following planned exemptions:

  • Air shipments
  • Super Green Lane shipments
  • Importation of personal effects and household goods of a balikbayan and his/her family under R.A. No. 6768, as amended, Overseas Contract Workers and other returning residents
  • Importation of vehicles and motorcycles of balikbayan and returning residents
  • Importations covered by an import or admission permit and bound for Philippine Economic Zone Authority Zones (PEZA) and duly chartered or legislated freeports under Republic Act No. 9400 and such other freeports as established or created by law

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Rachel C. Solano
B&BB Operations Supervisor