SGS is proud to announce the opening of its new office and laboratory in Newport News, Virginia, USA, an important trading port at the mouth of the James River.

With extensive experience in port handling operations, we offer a wide range of services to help mitigate the risks that traders face. Serving the East Coast sector in the United States, these new facilities in Newport News enable us to:

  • Inspect grains
  • Provide on-site grading services
  • Perform mycotoxin testing
  • Probe and/or sample railcars, trucks, barges and containers

These new facilities enable us to perform pre-inspection and provide attendance on vessels, railcars, barges, trucks and containers. In the near future, SGS will have the ability to perform near infrared (NIR) testing with same-day turnaround time on the following commodities:

  • Corn:
    • Protein
    • Moisture
    • Oil starch
  • Wheat:
    • Moisture
    • Protein
  • Soybean:
    • Moisture
    • Protein
    • Oil

Providing services throughout the supply chain, we deliver unrivalled experience and expertise, the latest technologies and a unique global network. As a result, we provide you with the highest standards of quality and integrity – anywhere in the world.

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For further information, please contact:

Jacob Lower