Export fruit and vegetables to the EU with Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) certification from SGS’s most recently approved laboratory in Kolkata.

Approved in April 2014, SGS’s Kolkata laboratory can now conduct accredited testing for chemicals and heavy metals, as well as microbial analysis for products including:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Processed fruit and vegetables.
  • Other processed food products.

“We are pleased to add Kolkata to our growing list of APEDA accredited facilities. Following the recent EU ban on importing mangoes of Indian origin, SGS understands the challenges faced by India’s fruit and vegetable industry, ” said Dr Asish Chakraborty, Kolkata Multilab Manager, SGS. “Our accreditations enable SGS’s clients to meet the needs of export markets, including the EU, and help to safeguard the country’s valuable export business.”

Fruit and vegetable exporters should act now, to benefit from APEDA accredited testing and certification standards across SGS’s network of laboratories in Ahmedabad, Chennai and now Kolkata.

Meeting stricter EU regulations

The EU has tightened regulations following the discovery of quarantine pests in a number of intercepted cargos of mango, taro, egg plant, bitter gourd and snake gourd, from India. A ban on the import from India of these five fruits came into force on May 1, 2014 and will be reviewed before December 31, 2015.

SGS’s APEDA certified laboratories across India help clients to demonstrate that products meet the EU’s stricter requirements, opening the door to this key export market.

SGS services in India 

In addition to testing and analysis, SGS provides sampling and inspection services. In Mumbai, the company has invested in a cold chain facility to ensure food safety.  SGS’s global network of experts and expertise can support clients with the broadest range of audit and certification services to meet the needs of the agriculture and food processing industries.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Asish Chakraborty
SGS Kolkata Multilab
15 C Hemanta Basu Sarani
3rd & 4th Floors, LMJ Chambers
Kolkata, India
t: +033 66266100 101


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