SGS has expanded its successful fertigation monitoring service to Tunisia and Egypt, and will roll it out to Spain Morocco and Chile in September.

Population growth and increasing production costs are forcing the agriculture industry to look for innovative ways to optimise production, improve quality and deliver more with the same resources. SGS leads the development of new techniques to meet these challenges by applying intelligent solutions for controlling and improving harvests.

Improve understanding

Fertigation enables producers and growers to dose plants with additional nutrients and fertilizers, or to correct nutrient deficiencies. Better understanding starts with testing. Soil and water testing takes analysis one step further, increasing understanding of naturally occurring nutrients in the soil and the uptake of nutrients added through fertigation. Together, plant tissue, soil, water solution and water analyses empower growers to take decisive action, to improve the health and productivity of their plants.

Expert analyses and interpretation ensure monitoring becomes an important decision-making tool. A timely, regular testing regime enables growers to ensure crops receive the most appropriate, and consistent, combination of natural and additional nutrients.

“From farming, to leisure and amenity applications, fertigation – the use of scientific analyses to dose plants to correct nutrient deficiencies – increases production and quality at the same time as reducing costs,” said Jorge Bazo, SGS Agriculture. “We are thrilled to expand this service and enable key producing regions to benefit.”

Fertigation expertise

SGS, the industry leading testing, certification company and expert from soil to harvest, has been investing in the research and development of fertigation monitoring, to help the agriculture industry to optimise the use of water and fertilisers in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way. Fertigation monitoring is provided in South America, Africa and the EU, for a range of fresh produce.

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Jorge Bazo
Service Head
SGS del Peru S.A.C.
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