As international trade in seeds grows, so does the requirement for timely and effective seed testing and analysis services. To meet increased demand in one of the world’s major markets, SGS has launched a new seed testing laboratory in China.

Whether you are developing new seed products, conducting seed health research, or involved in commercial seed production, you will need professional advice, support and access to state of the art resources. Our new facility provides extensive laboratory testing and research services, delivering analysis and evaluation of seed quality, optimisation and improvement.

Based in Shanghai, our seed testing laboratory, operates in accordance with all relevant national laws and regulations. We conduct all testing in line with International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) procedures and in the context of current market conditions, to provide the following services:


We provide a series of GMO tests based on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and can identify the presence of GMOs in concentrations as low as 0.01%. For non-transgenic seeds, we can also provide testing for the detection of specific GMO to help clients avoid transgenic security issues.


Mandatory testing of items according to the four seed labelling regulations of China’s seed law, including seed germination testing, analysis of clarity, variety identification, purity testing and moisture testing, among others.


TZ testing is a three-step test for viability. This service examines preconditioning, preparation and staining, and evaluation. These tests can be conducted very quickly, usually taking no more than two days.


Determination of whether seed is carrying spores or insect bodies, to avoid the transmission of pests and diseases across international borders. This testing helps you to identify healthy seeds and enables you to make more informed decisions about sales, both domestic and for export.

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we have rich experience, highly qualified technicians and an unrivalled understanding of the industry. With a global network of seed laboratories, whether you operate in North America, Latin America, Europe, India, Australia, Asia or in China, we can meet the requirements of your destination markets for seed testing and analysis.


SGS exhibited its expertise and new laboratory facilities at the ISF World Seed Congress 2014. The biggest event of its kind in the seed industry, World Seed 2014 attracted more than 1,400 delegates from 59 countries.

Promoting good IP for seed, movement of seed around the world and supporting innovation for increased productivity, the ISF leads the seed industry in finding resolutions for seed companies to transport seed between nations, gain new prospects in seed and trade seed.

Delegates and exhibitors were updated on trade rules, phytosanitary issues and intellectual property rights.

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