In Argentina, SGS’s contract research services have developed a new field trial facility in Junin City, the country’s main crop region. A new team, equipped with the latest technologies, will conduct efficacy trials, GLP studies and GM regulated trials.

South America, with its vast and varied agriculture industry, is a wide platform for new events in major crops like soybean, corn, cotton, canola and, more recently, rice. The increasingly global nature of agricultural research includes the expansion of biotechnology, as well as greater consciousness of the environmental issues it raises.

Local Challenges

More than 15 years after the first biotechnology event occurred in the region, new questions have arisen regarding, for example, weed resistance, insect mutations and quality improvements. These are just a few of the challenges confronting companies active in the sector. Growing demand for crops has also resulted in the expansion of farming to new, marginal, areas where traditional crops may struggle to thrive. This has resulted in the need to develop new types of hybrids and new methods of crop management.

Additionally, the more complex scenarios are subject to global regulations and require more attention from researchers and developers. GLP studies and regulated trials are just two requirements that are now a must in Argentina and other countries across the region.

Meeting Demand

In response to local demand, SGS has opened its own field trial station, in Junin, Buenos Aires province. Supported by our Brazilian and North American operations, we have recruited an experienced team and set them up with fields and the latest equipment to conduct trials in this key region. Our accreditation to conduct GLP studies and regulated trials is underway.

We offer:

  • Efficacy trials for main crops, as well as vegetable crops
  • GLP trials
  • Regulated transgenic trials
  • NTO (Non Target Organism) insects testing
  • Weed resistance trials
  • Seed treatment trials

As a global and interactive network, we not only work for our local clients, but also participate in counter season trials from other countries. In the near future, we expect to establish more field stations, according to client needs in specific regions.

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For further information, please contact:

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Contract Field Research Manager
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