SGS has been awarded a three year contract to supply health and safety management and engineering services during reclamation and remedial works at a decommissioned mine in Tuscany, Italy, by a leading company in the field of remediation and environmental restoration of former industrial and mining sites.

SGS will fulfill the roles of Director of Works, Reclamation Project Director and Responsible Director, including overseeing all aspects of health and safety management.

Commencing late summer 2014 SGS will deliver health and safety services to ensure the company not only delivers this project to time and budget, but also safely and in compliance with the relevant legislation. On the client’s behalf, SGS will ensure the project complies with relevant legislation, including:

  • Health and safety extraction activities - D.lgs 624/96.
  • Direction of works – Legge 1086 del 5/11/1971 “Norme per la Disciplina delle opere in c.a.” and Legge 109 dell’11/02/1994 “Legge Quadro in materia di Lavori Pubblici”.
  • Environmental aspects – LR n° 25 del 18/05/1998 “Norme per la gestione dei rifiuti e la bonifica dei siti inquinati”.

Integral to this project is ensuring the project meets its, H&S, engineering, environmental and schedule commitments.

Preferred supplier

SGS has worked extensively in this sector and for this client, providing health and safety co-ordination services on projects across Italy since 2010.

“This contract award builds on our success delivering health and safety services to the construction and remediation industries,” said Roberto Giorgi, Head of Health & Safety Service, SGS. “Our expertise on previous sites means we are the perfect partner to ensure our client is protected throughout this challenging project.”

Measure success

In this role, SGS’s expertise will ensure that all legal requirements are complied with during execution phase and on completion of the activities until the reclamation of the mine and the site is delivered to the public authorities.

SGS’s During Construction Services

In the construction and site remediation industries health and safety is one of the cornerstones of successful business. To ensure that your construction project is completed successfully, professional supervision is vital. SGS services during construction help you to reduce risks, prevent errors, control budgets and keep to the planned schedule. We can also help you ensure that all documents, certificates and declarations are completed and issued correctly. SGS also ensures that effective occupational health and safety systems are in place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance clients’ business reputation.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Industrial Services
SGS Sertec
Roberto Giorgi
Head of H&S Services
Via Cimarosa 95/105
57124 – Livorno (LI) - Italia
t: + 39 0586 852591 


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