Bananas are sold around the world, despite the quality challenges presented by the fruit’s easily damaged skin and pulp.

With more than 25 years experience inspecting bananas, SGS Ecuador’s experts support the industry at all the key stages.

Packing Farm Inspection

This inspection checks cleanliness and equipment. At the same time, it ensures processes are implemented and that the product is safe and ready for export.

  • Patio of clusters: Checks fruit falls within specification, identifies age, external and internal characteristics.
  • Almond control: Determines the pulp’s health, consistency and colour.
  • Deflowering: Inspects of the flowers to detect cochineal.
  • Control of trimming: Prevents damage and spoiling when hands of bananas are cut.
  • Selection, washing and weaning control: Identifies damage to fruit before clusters are split into hands.
  • Weighing, sorting and fumigation: Checks weight against exporter specifications and packaging classifications. Fumigation is verified with pH paper.
  • Drying and labelling: Checks the runoff on rollers and labelling.
  • Package and weight: Packaging is checked and boxes weighed.
  • Quality assessment: Random sampling.

Loading Supervision

To ensure preservation of fruit during transit, this inspection verifies the containers’ condition, temperature and cleanliness. The cargo quantity and condition is also certified. Read our Agri Trade Highlights Subscribe to our Agri Trade Highlights newsletter.

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